Signature Project

Lion Sham Khandelwal


Pollution Control Units

In the history of Lions movement for the first time this year our District Governor (Elect) for LY 2018-19 MJF Lion Ramesh Shah has proposed a scheme to install Pollution Control Units at all busy squares (street crossings) in all Cities of our district 3234D2, which will reduce air pollution due to thick population and increased vehicular traffic. We are trying to obtain permissions of local Municipal authorities of all cities in our District for the same. We will involve all clubs willing to participate in this scheme.

About Pollution Control Units

This machine of 4.5 feet height will suck air, filter carbon particles in air and release filtered fresh air. The cost of this machine id Rs. 50,000/-. We propose to install 3 to 4 machines in every square. Every club will select one square in their area for participation in this project. We have already collected all the funds required for this project. Every partcipatng will have to put in nominal contribution of Rs. 1,000/- per machine. There will be name of the Club, Lions logo as well as name of the Smart City, Municipal Council / Corporation on the machine. Also there will be advertisement board on the machine. The cost of maintenance of this machine will be borne by the supplier of this machine.

This machine has a capacity to filter 2,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) in 60 feet radius, which will give fresh air to 100 people passing by this machine per minute.

Dear Lion Friends, we are trying to give a different innovative project, which will enhance the image of Lions to a great extent. Hence, every club should participate in this project.