Permanent Project

MJF Lion Vijay Jiju


Permanent Projects

Permanent Projects are visible gifts to your community that commemorate our ever-lasting legacy of service to mankind. Lions always have the first to promote and develop such projects and activities that directly benefit the poor and needy. During Lionistic Year 2018-19 we have plans to initiate 100 Innovative Permanent Projects in our District.

We have finalized around 10 Innovative Permanent Service Projects after considering the need of the hour, details of which we are providing for your reference and Study.

Each Permanent Service Project will cost around Rs. 50,000/- and we shall have 10 clones of this in the District. this converts to 100 Permanent Projects with a projected outlay of approximate Rs. 60 lakhs.

Details of Permanent Project Proposal :

⦁ Your Club will scout for and finalize the location of the Permanent Projects.

⦁ the club can select one or more project out of this offering.

⦁ 50% funds for the project will be collected from CSR Funds of an organization & 50% to be contributed by club.

⦁ Maintenance of the Activity on a consistent basis will be responsibility of the club.

⦁ Location of the proposal to be decided by club.

⦁ Execution of the proposal to be done by club.

⦁ Sponsorers name & logo should be given prominence. [ XYZ Library : Operated by LC. ]

⦁Financial report of the project to be submitted by the club to the committee.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the clubs to have a permanent project which will build a sense of pride amongst
club members & give stability to the club.

Don't miss this opportunity 


1 Book Library in schools and colleges (2 cupboards & 300 Books) Rs. 50,000 To cultivate a passion for reading amongst students in schools in cities and villages and colleges. 10 5,00,000
2 Open Gymnasium (4 to 6 equipments) Rs. 1,00,000 To promote physical activity amongst youth to keep tdeir body and mind always fit. 10 10,00,000
3 Water purification R. O. Plant Rs. 1,00,000 To make pure and clean drinking water available to needy. 10 10,00,000
4 Establishing Science Laboratory Rs. 50,000 To develop a practical approach among students. 10 5,00,000
5 Establishing Toys & Educational games library for orphans Rs. 50,000 To streamline orphan Children in the Society. 10 5,00,000
6 Establishing Computer Labs in needy schools (3 Computers witd tables & UPS) Rs. 75,000 To make students updated witd the computerized industry and Society. 10 7,50,000
7 Central for medical equipments on rent to needy patients. Rs. 50,000 Patients in need of palliative care can rent equipment such as Walkers, Wheel chairs, Water Beds, etc. at very nominal charges. 10 5,00,000
8 Workshop for Mentally and handicapped children Rs. 50,000 To develop practical skills in challenged children so that they may earn & live with honor 10 2,50,000
9 Women Empowerment (2 Sewing Machine & one fallpicko Machine) Rs. 50,000 Establishing tailoring centre for needy women. 10 5,00,000
10 Disposal unit of sanitary napkins (2 Machines) Rs. 50,000 Good Hygiene for women of poor section of society. 10 5,00,000