Blood Donation Camp

Lion Vijay Rode

Blood Donation

We have planned a goal to collect 51,000 blood bags in lionistic year 2018-19 with the coopera on of all clubs in our district.

We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with R. G. Gholap Blood Bank, Pune to achieve the above men oned goal. Under this MOU, all the clubs in our district will organise about 1000 Blood dona on camps with the coopera on of Gholap Blood Bank.

Out of the blood bags collected by us, 20% bags will be distributed to poor and needy at a nominal price of Rs. 50/- each.

Every club will spend nominal cost of Rs. 500/- for each blood dona on camp. Our team will provide banners and all other material required to organise these camps.

The place of the blood dona on camp can be decided by the par cipa ng club and blood dona on ac vity team of the district jointly.

Blood Dona on will make our District shine and will increase social awareness !