Diabetes Awareness

Lion Rajendra Gugale


Diabetes Awareness

1.Every Club in our District should organize at least two Diabetes Check-up Camps every month. We have a team of experts available for these camps and we will make them available free of cost to you. Clubs have to only spend for strips required for check-up. Our Commi ee will make these strips available at concessional rates.

2.Many clubs in our District are conduc ng Eye Check-up Camps. In these check-up camps, if pa ents are found, who require checking for Diabe c Re nopathy, we will arrange such check-ups at concessional rates. Generally the expenses for such check-up are to the tune of Rs, 500/- to Rs. 700/-, which we will make available at Rs. 50/- only. You will to register with me for the same.

3.The clubs which wish to buy Gluco Meter for their clubs; we will make the same available at concessional rate. We will provide Dr. Morepen Company made Gluco Meter @ Rs. 575/-, of which MRP is Rs. 1,550/- in the market.

4.We will arrange lectures / seminars of expert doctors to prevent Diabetes or cure if su ering from Diabetes. I and my team appeal all Clubs in our district to par cipate in such seminars / lectures free of cost.

5.Our Committee will help all the way to Clubs in our district to start Diabetes Check-up Centres in their areas.