Ek Mutthi Anaaj Daan

Lion Uttam Bathia

Ek Mutthi Anaaj daan

Friends, you must have heard a concept of food donation. However, this year I have joined this innovative idea of “Ek Mutthi Anajdaan” of our incoming District Governor MJF Lion Ramesh Shah.

This year we have to do this district activity through the clubs. All the clubs have to participate in this activity. You lion members will get one 5 Kg plastic jar, which you will jeep at your home and everyday you will put one handful of food grains (e.g. Rice, Wheat, Pulses etc.) in it through your family members.

Every club should put some funds for conducting this activity, hence we will provide the plastic jars at a nominal cost of Rs. 50/- each to every club / lion member.

We request every club to buy at least 10 jars for this activity.

The food grain thus collected are to be distributed to needy persons by your club only i.e. you have to earn the credit (punya) by joining this activity. In case you do know any NGO, you can give these food grains to them under intimation to our team members. Else our team will guide you to donate these food grains to NGO selected by us.

Therefore we wish that all the clubs should participate in this activity. Our team members will be ready to help all of you all the time.

5 Kg x 2500 jars = 12,500 Kg / month.
12,500 Kg x 12 months = 1,50,000 Kg / year.