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    “Lions Clubs International” and all members of our vibrant Lions Clubs District, 3234-D2. welcome you to our INNOVATIVE website. Your journey through the pages is made extremely simple with distinct information about our organization and its administrative functioning. 

    Lions Clubs International being ‘The Largest Social Organization’ in the world has its strength derived from Inherent principals of “Service to the mankind” and “Friendship”. Information regarding our representation in countries on this Earth, our purpose of existing and our moral and ethical ground of progressing. Also a basic knowledge of our hierarchy and the structure. Our way of doing social works and also reporting there after. Our dignified members are our real asset and so all information regarding their training and transforming them into a responsible and useful sole for our own society. 

    Also proper reporting of each individual member is also shared with you all. Our journey with our motto “WE SERVE” is almost a century old now, leaders and members from different creed, cast and languages have till date contributed to the prosperous march forward and for you there are pages with glorious history of past also. We not only thank you for your safari to our web site but we are sure the Information / Knowledge Bank we are sharing with you shall certainly make you think and influence to be a part of our organization if you are not a member yet. 


    Thank you and happy viewing. 

    District Governor, 


    MJF Lion Ramesh Shah



DG Team

    MJF Lion Ramesh Shah(District Governer)
        MJF Lion Ramesh Shah
       District Governer


    MJF Lion Omprakash Pethe
    1st Voice District Governor

    MJF Lion Abhay Shastri
    2nd Voice District Governor



    Dear Lion Friends,
    Best Wishes from your near & dear friend MJF Lion Ramesh Shah and Lion Smita Shah to all my Innovative Presidents, Secretaries, & Treasurers of Lionistic year 2018-19. My Heartiest Congratulations to our Executive Administrator Lion Nitin Shah, Cabinet Secretary MJF Lion Pravin Khule, Cabinet Treasurer MJF Lion Tushar Mehta and GST Co-ordinator Lion Rajendra Goyal for publishing “Area Safari – Make it Happen!” a booklet on Guidelines to Club Presidents, Secretaries & Treasurers.

    This booklet shall definitely help you for your unique achievements and accomplishments in forth coming Lionistic Year 2018 - 19, in both Administration & Activity front to leave legacy or foot prints as an Efficient Administrator and most dedicated “Seva Yatri”, who has invested his time, talent & treasure for downtrodden and needy people.

    Myself and Lion Smita take this privilege to wish you and all the Lion members of our vibrant District a very enthusiastic, full of Innovative Activities and satisfying Lionistic Year 2018-19.

    MJF Lion Ramesh Shah
    District Governor (2018 - 19)